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Monday, March 25, 2013

things you should be reading from around the internet // 14 awesome links

happy monday, everybody!
i have had the last 4 days off work [cue angels singing] & am ready to get back into the groove today. the 10 day weather forecast shows 7 days of temperatures ABOVE 40*.
fun [or not] fact : we [minneapolis] havent hit 40* yet in 2013.

today, i have 14 links that are totally worth checking out.
from vegan easter baskets, to identifying herbs, to easy DIYs ; i have found some great things this week.

1) need a last minute [vegan] easter gift? this 'hoppy easter' basket from ocd sweets is awesome!

2) how about 10 vegan shake recipes

3) got a baby to shop for? how about this adorable DIY onesie [you use sharpie markers!!]

4) this post melts my heart. children from around the world with their most prized possessions.

5) are you a lefty? [i am] 18 of the worst things for left-handed folks. [totally true!]

6) are you a fan of zumba? or still looking to try it? here are 8 things to know before you take your first zumba class. [good reminders for those of us that love zumba, too!]

7) i dont really know anything about nicki minaj ; but liv wrote this awesome open letter to her.

8) baseball season starts in a week [woo hoo!] here is a list of all the vegetarian options from ALL the ball parks in the country. [this season, we will be heading to milwaukee & [hopefully] chicago to see games. and of course, here in minneapolis]

9) 16 ways i blew my marriage. this is a good one!

10) harry potter fans : geek out! this woman took 400,000 [!!] legos & recreated hogwarts. seriously. go look.

11) spring is [almost] here. do you plant your own herbs // buy at the market? still confused about what they taste like or can be paired with? here is a great infographic to answer all your questions.

12) got some old socks laying around? since we bike year-round, we go through a lot of socks. the soles wear out or they get holes in the heels. we cant donate them & most of them are too far gone to patch up. solution? zkano will take your old socks & recycle them for you! [we have a bag waiting to be sent!]

13) wild rice fan? way up in northern minnesota, native americans from red lake nation [a band of chippewa] cultivate and grow amazing wild rice. here in minnesota, we eat wild rice hot dish. you can purchase a bag here. all profits go to support & sustain the indian nation.

14) falling out of love with your blog? [it happens to all of us]. here are 16 ways to get excited about blogging again.

anything rad you want to share?
see you tomorrow!