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Friday, March 29, 2013

a challenge for YOU! : 30 days of biking

can you believe that its almost APRIL?!
april is good for so many things.
baseball. earth day. baby birds. NO SNOW [this is not guaranteed in minnesota]. fresh flowers.
april 1st kicks off the [4th] annual, 30 days of biking.
i have attempted the past 2 years and NOT finished [im human]
what is it?
well, its 30 days of biking [duh]
you pledge online to ride your bike each and every day in the month of april.
you can ride to work. to the library. around the block. or for miles & miles on the trails.
it doesnt matter.
you can have a really fast bike or a vintage 'fixer upper.'
you can wear ballet slippers [we are still wearing boots...] or cycling shoes.
none of it matters. its just an awesome way to get out on your bike to see new neighborhoods, parks, trails, ect.
i could get super sappy and tell you what biking means to me [maybe in another post] ; but honestly, biking has changed my life.
when i am on my bike, i am calm. and happy. and light.
i get to take care of my brain & my body.
if you are on twitter, just use the #30daysofbiking hashtag to meet awesome bike friends from all over the world.
[over 2,000 people are signed up!]

connect with 30 days of biking :
website // pledge to ride // twitter // events [for mpls folks] // blog

will you pledge? even if you cant do all 30 days, try it out. can you hit 15? [thats a victory!]