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Monday, April 1, 2013

april goals!

so excited for warmer weather & everything that comes with it.
yesterday, daphne came barreling at me at top-speed [300mph?] & i went flying. as she hit me, i heard my ankle go 'pop'. dumb. so, today i have a sore ankle the size of a baseball.

but, lets talk about april!
do you have big goals?

in april i want to :
1) take blake on a clay-date [a date at the pottery studio]
2) plant a tree for earth day
3) pay $____ on credit card & $_____ car payment
4) read 3 books [finish the one im reading + 2 more]
5) hangout with my mom & grandma for a weekend
6) complete 30 days of biking
7) plank-a-day for the month [each day, i will hold a plank for various times]
8) complete #13, 33, 36, 53, 74, 87 &  97 on my '101 in 1001' list
9) register for 1 5k & 3 summer bike rides
10) finish my first 5k in YEARS in under 34 minutes [my ultimate goal is a 29-min 5k, but with this sore ankle & lack of training, this is my 'right now' goal
11) connect with 3 friends
12) send 3 'im thinking about you' notes
13) go to a twins game
14) follow my april workout schedule
daph says : heres to an awesome month!