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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

smiles for the people! : lets talk about toothbrushes

today, i have a surprise day off [woo hoo!]. blake has been home sick for 6 days now [bummer for him] ; so we are home today as a family of 3. i have a bunch of stuff to work on. daphne is covered up in a billion blankets, sleeping. and blake is resting & coughing like a maniac.

but, can we talk about toothbrushes, please? [yes, really]
blake & i have always been pretty 'green' // eco-friendly. but, its a journey. we are always learning & trying to make this planet a bit better.
along with that, we also try to *only* support companies that give back // use sustainable materials // reduce their carbon footprint. [yes, it can be done!]

a few weeks ago, i found smiles for the people
they have a 'one-for-one' model, but with a bit of a twist. 
what you get : a toothbrush made from [sustainable] bamboo
what they give : the equivalent of one toothbrush to someone in need.
what does that mean?  
it means they have a giving partner [right now its this charity in argentina] ; so they work with what that charity needs. maybe funding for a new center? maybe educational programs? maybe toothbrushes? whatever it is, it is all surrounding dental health & how to make things better.
they sent me a toothbrush to try & i love it. i really do. their design is sleek & you know i am all over this 'one-for-one' model. 
they do manufacture in china [which i dont love], but they have made a commitment to make sure all workers are paid a fair & even wage. also, they dont employ children, which i do love.
you can read more on their FAQ page here.
cool, right?
you can purchase individual brushes OR you can purchase a subscription [which is a great idea, because i never know when to get rid of my old brush!]

check out their site & connect on twitter.

disclaimer : they did send me a free toothbrush. all opinions are my own. i promise.