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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

new year, new gear reveal!

and snowy! its been snowing off & on for two days now. we have already gotten almost 10 inches & its still going.
its so beautiful out, but im excited to see sunshine & green grass. [something we dont get for months at a time ;)]

in the last few months [of not blogging], i have been thinking about really shifting gears here & in my life. thinking about leaving the 'crafting' side behind & really running [get it?] with the fitness side.
along with that, i have been making some big career choices // decisions that i am excited to share in the future.

last month, i joined nicole & a bunch of other healthy living // fitness bloggers for 'new year, new gear.' you get a partner, a $15 limit & send them a fun package. it can be clothes, food, gear, ect ; whatever they need to reach their goals. 
i sent a package to tenecia, you can see her post here.

my package came from lindsay! check out her [awesome] blog here.
in my package : 

1) a tube of lemon lime nuun tablets. this summer, when we did our 500 mile bike ride, we took a few tubes of these along. they are electrolyte tablets. blake has been pretty sick this week, so he has been drinking quite a few of these.
also, someone [with 4 legs] loves the smell ;)

2) a pair of toe socks for biking. i love lightweight socks that dont get all gross & sweaty when i am heading to work or on a long ride.

3) a bright red light stick.
this will go in our camping bin. having an extra light while hiking on a trail is never a bad thing.
oh daphne ; still waiting on her 'new year, new bones' package ...

interested in joining for march?
head here to sign up!!

see you tomorrow!!