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Thursday, March 14, 2013

the #lovemusic project & an awesome giveaway from polk audio

happy thursday!
i woke up [again!] to snowy & icy roads.
[no good when you are on a bike...]

anyways, lets talk about music!
AND, i have an awesome giveaway for you today.

today, i want to talk about polk audio. do you know them?
they have a [pretty sweet] line of music gear. headphones, outdoor speakers, docks, indoor speakers and a rad line of vintage products.
they also have a #lovemusic campaign.
what is it?
its a landing page where YOU can post a picture OR a video about what music means to YOU.
its pretty cool. i have watched all the videos & looked at all the photos.
music is just so personal for so many people & i think its just beautiful to see what music does for folks.

so, what does music mean to me?
it represents my past. how far ive come in this life. and the people that have touched my life. and where i am headed now.

years ago, i dated this boy. for a long time. and he totally broke my heart. but we were music soul mates. he made me SO many mix cds & we saw hundreds of bands together. music was our 'thing.' i still have a couple of those cds. he hasnt been in my life for over 5 years, but its amazing how hearing a certain song can bring me back to being 22 & stupid in love.

or, when i hear a silly 80s dance song & i think about being 23 & living in germany by myself. while i was there, i made some friends & we would go out dancing. all the clubs were filled with germans dancing to bad american 80s songs.

seeing a clip of the laurence welk show reminds me of my grandparents & the years they spent out dancing on saturday nights.

hearing john cougar mellencamp reminds me of driving to the lake to fish all day with my dad when i was a kid.

the day i got my first tattoo, i remember sitting in the chair & singing 'the music or the misery' by fall out boy at the top of my lungs to keep myself from passing out.

and anytime i need a 'music hug', i listen to the backstreet boys. babies have pacifiers. toddlers have security blankets. i have backstreet boys songs from 1997 that keep me safe, grounded & mellow.

other bands i love :
something corporate [my favorite of all time!]. anberlin. all time low. automatic loveletter. brighten. the fold. the format. hanson. holiday parade. mae. motion city soundtrack. pitbull [total guilty pleasure]. sparks the rescue. the summer set. taking back sunday.
this summer, anberlin came & played an acoustic show. the entire stage was lit by a couple 60 watt light bulbs. loved it. i took this photo of the girl in front of me, taking a photo.

i mostly listen to music when i am working on my computer.
we dont drive very often, but when we do, we have now become the family that listens to MPR.
i use to be a person that ALWAYS listened to music when i was outside being active ; but that has changed a bit over the years.
i never listen to music when i am biking [too dangerous] & now when i am out walking // running // hiking, i really just love to breathe deep & take in the awesome space i live in [hello, land of 10,000 lakes!!]

the awesome people from polk audio want YOU to head over & create your own video // photo of what music means to you.
they also want to give you $50 [!] to use in their shop.
can i suggest these awesome headphones?!
connect with polk audio :
facebook // twitter [#lovemusic]

want to win? [ill make it easy]
a Rafflecopter giveaway
good luck, everybody!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC. All opinions are my own.