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Friday, March 15, 2013

sustainable [&fashionable] workout clothes! : 10 companies that are doing it right!

today i have a fitness-related post i have wanted to write for a long time.

if you have been reading for a while, you know that blake & i work really, really hard to ONLY support companies that are doing great things, making the planet better & treating ALL of their employees fair.
a few months back, i went through all of my [cute] workout clothes & realized that EVERYTHING was made in china, malaysia or india.

more than likely, my clothes were made by underage kids OR young women who are NOT getting lunch breaks, accruing vacation time or being treated well in a dingy factory. chances are, they are being forced to use old, out-of-date equipment, work long, long hours & aren't protected from poor wages & mistreatment.
[factories that manufacture clothes for places like athleta, target, walmart & old navy arent forced to publicly share their information//work sites, but a quick search on labor & workers rights and wages in middle eastern // asian countries will break your heart]

i want to share a list of companies that ARE treating their workers well & paying a fair wage.
[because lets be honest, will you really be able to sleep at night knowing that your sports bra was made by a girl that cant afford to go to school?]
[every person on this planet deserves a live-able wage & to be treated with respect!]

here we go :

1) WSI sports // they carry a full line of men & women's athletic wear ; from running tights to base ball gear to moisture-wicking long underwear for the never-ending winter.
everything is made here in the US & they are based here in minneapolis!
bra here

2) ggo fine organic clothiers // workout & everyday gear made in the US [los angeles] from bamboo + recycled plastic bottles. they carry clothes for men & women.
top here

3) impact fitness wear // maternity wear, accessories & womens fitness apparel ; everything from biking to tennis to pilates. free shipping on all orders & everything is made in the us.
skirt here

4) race ready // men & womens running apparel. everything is made in the us & super affordable. the back of these tights have built-in pockets to hold your snacks // gels // music.
running compression tights here

5) cozy orange // womens fitness tops & bottoms made from recycled polyester. also, all of their packaging is recyclable & the tag that comes with the clothes can be used as a coaster. clothes are NOT made in the us, but they only work with factories that pay fair wage & practice ethical procedures.
i have the tank pictured below & i really enjoy it. its light, breathable & affordable.
leo tank here

6) greenlight apparel // men & women's active // running tops. company partners with fabric makers // manufacturers in india & provides fair wages. they also partner with organizations to provide micro-loans to end the circle of poverty.
momentum long sleeve t here

7) splits 59 // bright-colored women's activewear. prices are a bit on the higher side [$98 for a pair of pants] ; but the styles are really beautiful. all clothes are made in LA.
sabrina singlette tank here

8) aaluuka // womens tops & bottoms made in the us. form fitting & bright colors.
the uptown skirted legging here

9) ellie // a $50 a month clothing subscription service. 'fit fashionista' members can pick two items from their collection each month for $50. it can be two tops, two bottoms, or one of each. all clothes are made in LA. i have been a member since december & still have mixed feelings. [i will do a full review soon]
i have the top featured below. the top is pretty low-cut, but i like it overall. it will be best for a biking // running top when the summer hits.
the vixen here

10) blue canoe // fitness, every day & lingerie wear. everything is made in san fran & all clothes are organic // made from bamboo. they have great products & lots of styles.
tri-top here

so, thats that!
what do you think? any companies i didnt mention?
where do you buy your clothes?

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