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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

26.2 acts of kindness to practice in honor of boston

happy tuesday, everybody.
i know there are tons of boston-related posts floating around the internet today.
i thought about not posting at all. and then i thought about being super raw & honest [maybe for another day].
i think a lot of folks are frustrated. angry. hurt. feeling like their tribe [athletes // runners] was attacked without reason.

i am a strong believer in being nice to people. in being grateful for each day. in hugging harder & being a bit nicer than necessary.
every single day is a good day to be a better human.
when tragedy hits [newton, aurora, the shootings in arizona, ect] people think 'im going to doing something nice // hug my child tight, ect'. and they do. and then a few days later, life takes over again & we forget how lucky we are in this life. [example : the middle east deals with bombings and terror on a daily basis!]
so, i suggest you do something nice. today. tomorrow. in 6 months. and every day in between.
its never a bad time to be nice.
here are 26.2 easy [cheap, free, simple] ways to be a better human!

1) collect tissue boxes, toilet paper & paper towel rolls, pens, pencils, notebooks, markers & crayons from around your house and donate them to a local elementary school or a community ed center.
2) send a letter to your grandparents.
3) donate to a kickstarter campaign that is doing awesome things.
4) buy a few extra items at the grocery store & donate them to the food shelf // bank.
5) do you get the sunday paper? cut the coupons & donate them to the store // a neighbor // friend // a local womens shelter.
6) let someone merge on the interstate or go first at a 4-way stop.
7) take a bouquet of flowers to the hospital ; the nurses will know who to give it to.
8) donate your kids' unused books [or spend $10 at your local thrift store] to a childrens hospital [or a school!]
9) send a note of thanks to your local EMT // police station // firehouse. the tragedy we see on tv & in pictures is nothing compared to the work these folks run TOWARDS every day!
10) pick up some trash in your neighborhood. we all live here ; together.
11) become an organ donor.
12) have an awesome customer service experience? tell everybody. your friends, family, the manager & the staff.
13) go to a laundromat or your apartment laundry room & load a washer & dryer with quarters for the next person.
14) send a friend a mix cd.
15) SLOW DOWN when you see dogs, kids, walkers, joggers & people on bikes. you might not think 35MPH is much in a car, but its fast & scary for a pedestrian.
16) send an anonymous gift to a friend or sibling.
17) leave a 'you are awesome' note on a random car windshield.
18) donate blood.
19) send your parents flowers or a note of thanks on YOUR birthday.
20) leave a copy of your favorite book on the bus // train // plane // cafe with a note inside.
21) plant a tree.
22) leave the little things alone ; a bad hair day. a cat that didnt use the litterbox. a partner that didnt vacuum the floor. those things dont matter in the grand scheme of life. move on. be thankful.
23) volunteer at a local animal shelter. bring in a 5 pound bag of food. or make // purchase a few toys. or bring in toys // supplies that your animal is no longer using. offer to take a couple dogs out for a run // walk. foster a dog, if you can.
24) pay for the person behind you. at the toll booth. the movies. in the drive-thru.
25) sew a few turbans for cancer patients // or knit a few hats for NICU babies.
26) rake // shovel a neighbors yard or sidewalk.
.2) be good to YOU. stop the negative self-talk. you are doing okay in this life.

be nice to each other.
we are all in this together.