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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

yep, its made here. 13 awesome american-made gifts for GARDENERS

halfway through the week!
can we talk about spring, please? [we are suppose to get 2 more inches of snow tomorrow!]
today, is the second installment of my new feature ; yep, its made here. each week, i will be showcasing awesome, affordable US-made products.

todays items?
i have a bunch of really cool items.
here we go : 
1) a gnome or fairy door to place at the base of a tree or in a garden. 
i think these are so cute. also, the door opens!
one of the trees in our neighborhood has a gnome door & kids leave notes.

2) you need seeds, duh! 
a full packet of carrots, corn, snap peas, radish & squash from beekman 1802! also, i know the photo is hard to see, but the package has really beautiful vintage drawings.

3) who knew that garden hoses could look so cute? these hoses from water right, inc come in a bunch of awesome colors. 

4) want to spread the seed-love wherever you go? how about growfetti?! you get over 450[!] recycled paper flowers. each contains wildflower seeds. give to a friend, as an add-on in a 'you are awesome' gift or plant some in a local park or in the cracks of the sidewalk.
5) need some manure to get your garden growing? i love the packaging of these. organic manure teas ; you purchase a bag & steep them just like real tea, but its really manure for your garden ; indoor or outdoor.

6) dont have space for an outdoor garden? [me neither][total sad face, by the way]. 
this window box is beautiful ; its made from reclaimed barn wood & is perfect for growing all types of herbs. seeds are included [basil, dill, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro]
i plan on purchasing this ; so i will be sure to follow up! 
7) to go along with your awesome new hose ; you could use this rad looking watering can! these cans are super cool ; they are made from recycled plastic, they have a place for built-in fertilizer, a built-in measuring cup & spoon, a place to store your gloves & a sprinkler head storage post. and hello, cool colors ;)

8) oh man, a jumbo worm-composting center. seriously, when we buy our first house with a massive backyard garden, a worm compost is top of the list. haha ; just reading through the product description makes me all silly & excited. do you know how they work? basically, you add your food scraps [no animal products] & worms. the worms eat your scraps & turn them into beautiful compost for the garden.

9) the florian store has tons of garden hand tools. i love the bright colors. [and they are pretty affordable!]
10) how about something to hang in your backyard?! this wind chime is made from recycled wine bottles & mounted on driftwood. i imagine it sounds so peaceful! 

11) you guys! its a butterfly house! i had no idea these existed. i want one.

12) do you know badger balm? they make a bunch of great body products. this gift pack is for the gardeners! it contains : badger balm [for healing hands], sore muscle rub & DEET-free anti-bug balm. 
13) okay, so this one cant actually be used outside, but HELLO, its a birdhouse made out of 'to kill a mockingbird!' this counts, right? its so beautiful!

here are a few other products as well : 
the sprinkler buddy [they make sprinklers, duh ;)], master water nozzle makes really sharp-looking hose nozzles & bully tools makes garden spades & other long-handled garden tools. high mowing is an organic seed company & the hudson valley seed library has 350 different types of seeds for sale.

its a long list!
find anything you could use?
also, last week i shared 10 USA-made food items. see that post here.
see you tomorrow!