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Monday, April 8, 2013

my first 5k in YEARS plus my spring // summer race & ride schedule

happy monday!
i had such a great weekend.
a surprise day off. hot yoga. hangouts with friends. a PR on my 5k. bike ride in the rain. timberwolves game. artcrank [a super-rad bike+art event]. food blogger meet-up. slept in!! 2 hour hike with the pup. and a super-long bus ride to remind me that minneapolis might be just as weird as portland...

but, lets talk about fitness!
years ago, i use to be a runner. [i get it. if you run, you are a runner]. i have run a bunch of 5ks, a 10k & a half-marathon. i have IT band issues & honestly, running is just HARD for me.
i love kickboxing. and zumba. and biking. and taking long walks. lifting weights.
i dont love running. i love the idea of running, but its hard.
so, after years of NOT running, blake & i have decided to [slowly] get back into it. i have no desire to run 10ks or halfs ; but i really want to start working shaving down my 5k time.
my ultimate goal is to run a sub-30 5k.
on saturday, blake & i ran our first race of the year. actually, this was blakes first 5k EVER! he did really great. i PR'd by 4minutes. [my last 5k was in 2009] & that felt really good.
it was cold [29*] & super windy.
and what about my IT bands?
well, usually i foam roll & that helps everything stay pretty loose. BUT, friday night, we did an hour-long hot yoga class [103*] & it felt incredible.
i have NO soreness on saturday and my body felt really great.
seriously, huge success.

so, what else is on our race calendar this summer // spring? 
[ill tell you ;)]
*may 18th we are running the shell's lager lauf 6k in my hometown. it is being hosted by a local brewery. i am super excited.
*june 1st is the tour de pepin. there are four different distances [32-100 miles]. blake & i have spent a bunch of time in the area [right on the mn // wi border], but never biked it.
* june 8th is the caramel roll ride. its a short-ish bike ride [15-40 miles] & there are cinnamon rolls at each rest stop!.
*june 15th [this is a maybe] is the lady slipper ride. another shorter ride, along the same route at the caramel roll ride. we will have the chance to see thousands of lady slippers & learn more about the landscape. i think this will be an awesome ride for my mother to join us.
*july 25th ; the espirit de she 5k run sponsored by athleta. this race is a few blocks from my house [yay!] & its a part of ladies night. so there will be tons of events going on. if you live in minneapolis, lets run this together!!
*july 27th is the tour de fat. its basically a silly bike party. last year, we were biking 500 miles across iowa, so we missed this, but its really one of the raddest bike parties in the country. [woo hoo!]
what about you?
do you run? have any races on your calendar?
see you tomorrow ;)