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Friday, April 5, 2013

things you should be reading : 13 links from around the internet

happy friday!
i have a surprise day off today [woo hoo!] & a lot of things to get done. daphne was at daycare all day yesterday, so she is a bit more mellow than usual. [again, woo hoo!]
today, i have some really great links to share.

1) harry potter fans UNITE! i know that valentines day is over, but these HP-inspired valentines day cards are great.
2) nine netflix documentaries that will make you a better human PLUS 10 more you should add to your netflix queue. 
3) do you ever eat at mcdonalds? check out this post about what REALLY happens to a happy meal.
4) 2013 is the year of the bike share!! there are 15 *more* cities that are opening bike share programs this year. [i love this! we have one in minneapolis called 'nice ride'. there are thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations that you can take out for a ride any hour of any day]
5) arrested development fans! somebody re-created the show out of legos! [hello, a lego staircar?!]
6) its earth month! here are 10 ways to help animals, humans & the planet. [its so easy to make this world a better place]
7) i love this. my awesome friend vanessa got together with some of her friends & made turbans for cancer patients. the pattern is on her blog, so you can sew a few, as well.
8) have you cooked with amaranth yet? here is a really great 'all-you-need-to-know' guide.
9) tomorrow, blake is running his first 5k & my first one in YEARS. here are 10 tips for running your first 5k.
10) are you a big fan of eating nuts? how about seeds? here are the best seeds to be snacking on.
11) cooking vegan 101 : 4 tips to make being vegan SO easy [seriously]
12) this is a great article ; why are american designers so greedy & egotistical? 
13) oh my goodness, PLEASE read this. 23 ways to respond to a wrong number. i have re-read this a few times & tears are just streaming down my face. so hilarious.

see more link here, here, here & here.
also, one of my most popular posts : 10 awesome fitness companies that are based here in the US

any good articles you want to share?
have an awesome weekend!!