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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

this is MY type of fashion post! : the 7 tops in my wardrobe rotation :

today, i have a fun post for you. [well, i think its fun ;)] 
when it comes to fashion, i am definitely a t-shirt & jeans [yoga pants?!] type of gal. i have a few casual dresses [think american apparel], but overall, i like shirts that stand for something & clothes that make me feel comfy.
i bike 5-7 days a week ; anywhere from 40-90 miles a week. both of my jobs are pretty casual. crawling around with a baby & standing on my feet both warrant comfy outfits.
today, i have put together my top 7 shirts in my wardrobe rotation right now. and not only are they awesome [hello!] ; but all the companies are doing awesome things!

1) project 7! i love these guys. we have bought coffee & clothes from them ; always impressed. project 7 supports seven causes [the planet, medicine, homelessness, ect]. each purchase supports ONE of those causes. each shirt provides 25 meals to people in need. i have the twin cities shirt, but there is a shirt for most major cities in the us. there is also a shirt WITHOUT a city on it, if that is more your style.
shirt here.

2) out of print clothing. they have shirts, bags & notebooks ; all modeled after classic books. i love this moby dick shirt. also a huge fan of this wizard of oz shirt.
shirt here

3) so, this is a 'minnesota' specific ; but it def a favorite.
i am a twins fan. have been since i was a little kid. so many of my best childhood memories were spent at the metrodome. the dome was the home of the minnesota twins up until a couple of years ago. ever seen a photo of the dome? [look here] people have always joked that it looks like a bit of a marshmallow [it does]. this shirt makes me all mushy for my childhood.
shirt here.

4) haha. another fave. i am a huge harry potter fan. i am one of those people that re-reads the series once a year. the books [&movies] always make me super emotional and i hope that never changes.
shirt here.

5) awesome local business alert! scared panda! their designs are so awesome. again, this is a bit 'minnesota-centric' ; but its awesome. here is the thing about minnesota, we might be the only place in the country that has 'hot dish.' what? we say hot dish. you say casserole.
bonus : the shirts are super soft & fit awesome.
super bonus : scared panda donates 10% of all profits here. [love it!]
shirt here.

6) we are all smith. this shirt is actually blakes, but hello, it fits me, too ;) these shirts are printed in LA ; super soft & the bike design looks sweet.
shirt here.

7) okay, yet another 'minneapolis-centric' top. our local running shop sells these. they print them themselves & they are made responsibly in the dominican. i am not a fast runner. running is actually harder for me than yoga in a 105* room, or a 50 mile bike ride or an intense weightlifting session. running is hard. but i dream about the day that i will love it. so until that happens, im going to wear this rad sweatshirt & try to edge myself into the club ;)
sweatshirt here [they have t-shirts, too]
do you have a favorite shirt?
or one that you are dreaming of buying?
share with us!