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Monday, May 20, 2013

#whatsbeautiful : the benefits of mini-goals

happy monday!
do you ever have those moments when you have so much to do, so you avoid it all and get nothing done? [totally how i was feeling last week...]
here is to a new week with moving forward & making progress.

if you have been following the 'whats beautiful' campaign [sign up here] ; you should be super motivated. so many women ; different shapes, sizes, backgrounds ; all setting goals & knocking them down. 
[if you want to join my team, check it out here.]
on the site, there are tons of challenges you can complete to help you get closer to your goal ; most are to be documented by a photo or a video blog.

last week, i was a bit of a 'blah' when it came to working out // hitting my goals. i walk daphne for 90min-2 1/2 hours a day, but my heart rate isnt blasting. and i bike to work & back 5 days a week ; but i know that i need more cardio [plus lifting].
so, i created a list of mini-goals to help keep me accountable.
now that its warmer, i feel like its easier to go out to eat versus staying in to cook [anybody else feel like this?]
also, starting june 1st we are going to start a turbofire // insanity hybrid program. im afraid that i will get bored // burnt out on just one program ; so we will mix it up. [i changed my mind after i made my list ;)]

id love to read about your mini-goals!
leave them in the comments.