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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#whatsbeautiful : strength is beauty

last week, i posted about the new #whatsbeautiful campaign that i am participating in. under armour & fitfluential picked health // wellness // fitness bloggers from all over the country to encourage YOU to set a goal & crush it.
your goal can be anything from going to the gym 3x a week to finishing your first triathalon.

you can sign up to participate here. once you are there, you can find friends [or make new ones!], share your goals, complete challenges & join teams. [be my friend here]
i started a team called 'get up & go.' if you want to join my team, its right here.

the challenge runs through the middle of july ; so i have decided to dedicate a couple posts a week towards fitness // wellness // challenges for the campaign. also, 8 weeks gives you plenty of time to work hard to reach // surpass // get closer to your goal.
im hoping you will join me, but i also need to keep myself motivated.

my 'main' goal is to be able to do 20 no-knee push-ups in a row. but i have a lot of smaller goals as well. everything from lowering my body fat percentage, to drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

todays challenge from the site [there are tons of challenges ; you decide which ones to do & when] is strength is beauty. take a picture of yourself showing both your inner & outer strength.
post your own photo on twitter with #whatsbeautiful & #iwill as the hashtag or post it on your whats beautiful profile page!

share with us ; what are you doing today to get closer to your goal?
me : im drinking lots of water, biking 10 miles to work & back and hitting up a hot yoga class tonight!