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Thursday, June 6, 2013

my wish list : 10 awesome products i am pinching my pennies for

its official!
i am a fan of taking blog-breaks. i am finding that stats, numbers & followers arent as important to me as they use to be. blogging when i have something to share & not blogging when i dont have something ; those are the rules i am ready to follow.

i have created a list of 10 cool // made in us // sustainable products i have on my 'wish list'
here we go : 

1) this cute new workout top from impact fitness [made in the us!] [bonus : its on sale!]

2) this cute dog adoption shirt. $8 from this shirt goes to charity. [bonus : made in the us!]
almost every single day when we are out with daphne, we have people that will stop us and ask, 'what type of dog is that?' her markings make her super unique-looking & we always explain what we think she is ; but we always start with, 'shes a rescue.' 

3) another rad shirt! 
shopping & living local make this world better!
again, this shirt is made // printed in the us.

4) keep shoes! i already have a pair & i totally love them!
they are vegan, made sustainably & the folks making these shoes are treated well [note : they are not made in the us]
they have quite a few pairs on sale [like this pair below!]

5) do you know herbivore clothing?
they are a vegan retailer in portland!
love this shirt! [i also love that they use real humans to model their clothes!]
[bonus : shirt is made in the us & is made from organic cotton + hemp]

6) this awesome fashletics barbell necklace!
the necklaces are made in the us [do you see a theme here?!]
7) yay! this shirt makes me so happy.
i love the color choices, too.
a couple weeks ago, minnesota became the latest state to legalize marriage for EVERYONE, starting august 1st.

8) another fashletics piece!
this is the for the running bike lover in your life ;)
[also, there are tons of really great pieces on their website!]

9) okay, these are a bit out of my price range [$150!] ; but tell me they arent the raddest sunglasses you have ever seen?!
these glasses are not made in the us & the site isnt super transparent about where they are manufactured. BUT, each pair purchased provides a pair of glasses for someone in need.
[if you are interested in these glasses, be sure to write the company & ask where they are made // sustainable & ethical practices!]

10) how about this awesome necklace from HALF UNITED?!
a) its 3 bullet casings & b) half of all profits are given to hunger-related causes!
[bonus : this necklace is only $17 right now ; usually its $34]
happy shopping!