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Monday, June 10, 2013

whats beautiful : written validation // another step in crushing your goal

happy monday, everybody!
i am part of the under armour 'whats beautiful' campaign. there is still time to sign up!
you can sign up here & you can join my team here.
the goal of the campaign is to find where you are. imagine where you want to be. and get there.
push yourself harder. whether its to stop snacking after 8pm or to complete your first triathlon ; whatever it is, sign up for the campaign & make it happen.

on the site, there is a list of challenges you can complete to help you crush your goal.
when i started the campaign, my goal was to do 20 no-knee push ups. and while i am still working on that goal, i decided to push myself further. reach higher.

see, i am one of those people. i work out most days of the week. i bike 40-50 miles to work each week. i eat well enough.
but i know i am capable of more. 
i am in pretty decent shape ; but i could tone up my arms. i could lose some chunk around my middle. i could strengthen up my legs.
i could do all of those things ; but i stay too much in my 'fitness comfort zone.'

i love to ride my bike ; but its a heavier bike, so my max speed is usually around 14-16mph.
i have run a half-marathon, a 10k & lots of 5ks, but i really dont love running. so i dont do it.
i own turbofire, zumba, p90x & insanity dvds ; i do them on a random rotation ; but i havent do a 'full 60 day program' for over a year.
i walk my dog 1-3 hours a day ; but we never walk super hard ; probably a 2.5-2.8mph pace.

and here is the thing : i KNOW i could run another half marathon. i KNOW i could buy a race bike & push hard. i KNOW i could run // walk // jog with my pup. i KNOW i should slow down on the desserts & eat more vegetables. i KNOW i could do the entire p90x [or any other fitness program] plan.
but, i am not doing those things.
i have been sitting in the 'fit enough' mindset for a bit too long.

but, im ready to get out. to push harder. to make myself uncomfortable & accountable.
i will be 30 in 6 months & i want to reach towards the best shape of my life.
i am 5'8 & 155 pounds ; i am not overweight. i wear size S/M tops & M/L bottoms. i dont really care about sizes or pounds ; but i KNOW that i am capable of pushing harder than i am.
the new UA Green line has plastic bottles woven into each piece // here 

one of the 'whats beautiful' challenges is called 'written validation.' you are to sign up for a competitive event & share your registration confirmation.

so, here it is! 
this morning [after days of teetering on the 'am i good enough?' seesaw] i signed up for my very first DUATHLON!! its this fall & it a 5k run // 30k bike // 5k run. i am still working on finding training plans and advice from others who have done one before ; but at this moment ; i am feeling pretty excited.

i will be upgrading to a new road bike [the bike i have now is steel-framed & not ideal for racing] ; and have been looking for some new training gear.
i will start a 12-week training plan in 2 weeks. until then, i am going to get back into jogging & learn how to ride a bike that is 2309423098x faster than the one i rely on now.
ah, my dream bike!! // here 

have you ever done a multi-sport race? any advice?
also, what goal are you working towards right now?