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Monday, July 8, 2013

11 weeks until my duathlon // this weeks training schedule!

hey everybody!
i hope you had a great weekend.
our cross-state road trip has now brought us to northern minnesota.
super excited to recap everything once we come back!

i now have 11 weeks until i toe the starting line! it still seems like i have plenty of time ; but all i want is to feel great before during and after the race!

week 2 //
monday : 35min run before leaving the campground
tuesday : lots of hiking + 50 pushups
wednesday : we will be home in late afternoon // 40-60 min turbokick dvd
thursday : bike 40 min [10 min warm up + 2x 8 min sprints + 2 min recovery, 10 min cool down]
friday : 60 minutes of hot yoga [i am excited already!] + a long walk with daphne
saturday : i work 14 hours today!! before work, do my FIRST brick workout*! 60 min bike + 15 min run
sunday : i work another 5 hours today ; complete 75 minutes on the bike. since i have a long workday planned on saturday; this ride might get broken up into two parts ; 35 min before work & another 40 after.. we will see.

*a brick workout is a back-to-back workout. either bike to run, or run to bike. once i get closer to the race, there are a few run-bike-run exercises ; just like the actual race.. *

wish me luck...