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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

my kona kase review // awesome snacks for your inner-athlete!

happy wednesday!
we are heading home from our trip today ; i am excited to share some photos // happenings with you!
today, i am sharing the contents of my kona kase!
*disclaimer : i was provided this kase free of charge through my partnership with fitfluential. each & every thing i type is my honest & personal opinion!*

do you know kona kase? 
its a monthly subscription box *full* of products for your inner athlete.
since i am training for my duathlon, a box like this is a perfect way to test out new-to-me products. i was reading a few other reviews of this box & some folks said they didnt love that there were so many bars included. for me personally, im a fan. since i bike to work each day & spend a lot of my free time hiking, camping, biking or out exploring, i love being able to throw a bag of fruit & a couple bars into my bag.

you can read more about kona kase here. [also, the boxes are $15/month with other multi-month plans available]
here is what was inside : 
clif shot turbo // 18 rabbits cherry chocolate bar // will bar [contained dairy] // halfpops [half-popped popcorn, contained butter] // apple cinnamon chia squeeze // osmo energy drink powder // vanilla KIND bar // mango onebar //

*despite the butter, i tried the halfpops, but wasnt a fan. if you love the crispy unpopped pieces at the bottom of your popcorn bag, im sure you will love these.
*also, i am a big fan of chia seeds in my smoothies. i add 2 tablespoons every morning. the idea of drinking them straight from a tube? no thanks. blake really, really enjoyed the chia squeeze. 
*i am a huge fan of KIND bars ; ive never had a flavor i didnt love. i also think their company mission is really powerful.
*the 18 rabbits bar was by far my favorite thing in the box. i ate the bar during a 5 mile bike ride & it hit the spot. actually, once i got home that night, i purchased 2 cases! 
*a few years ago, when i was training for a half marathon, i had a few clif gels & remember them really upsetting my stomach. i will try this gel again before a longer bike ride.

i think kona kase did a great job mixing snack-y treats & endurance products in the same box. also, $15 seems a fair price for all of these products.
i will purchase a one-month subscription to see what comes in the next box. with all of that said, i DO wish they would keep products with milk // butter // eggs out of the boxes, but that is obviously a personal preference. [the animals prefer it, too ;)]

what do you think? 
something you would try? 
have you ever tried an 18 rabbits product? [i am telling you : SO GOOD!]

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