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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

5 kickstarter campaigns worth supporting

i am a big fan of supporting start-ups & creatives who have incredible ideas to make the world better.
today, i have 5 kickstarter campaigns that need your help!

1) the nourishmat ; a really awesome home gardening project GMO-free seed balls that you plant into a mat. this is such a clever idea! one more reason why i cant wait to have my own garden!
ends july 31st // donate here 

2) yes yes yes!!! 100% film. made in the usa. a documentary!
this is a film about the importance of value & conservation of supporting small farms & businesses. on their page, you can watch a 3 min video ; i suggest you do!
ends TOMORROW // donate here.

3) cutest book idea ever! thunder & lightning ; a story for a stormy night!
seriously, adorable! a story about thunder & lightning ; they were friends that moved away from eachother. so, when they get together, they create a storm of fun.
ends july 5th // donate here.

4) central identity mural project. this project is based here in minneapolis ; the location is actually not too far from our place. i have passed the school quite a few times on my bike! they are looking to raise money to create a huge & beautiful mural on the side of the school. i think having children & local artists participate in projects like this is so powerful! such a great way to create ownership over a space!
ends just 12th // donate here.

5) the people's garden project in louisville, ky! i am such a huge fan of supporting organizations creating 'food change' in this country! louisville is doing great things in food // bike // sustainability culture. i really think they will become the 'portland or minneapolis' of the south in regards to being progressive. this project would create two massive greenhouses to help serve people in louisville.
ends july 31st // donate here.
do you use kickstarter?
what is the coolest project you have ever backed?