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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

12 weeks til my duathlon // my training plan

happy tuesday!
once i am finished with work today, i have eight days off. in a row!!
so pumped. 
once we are back, will be sharing a bunch of photos of our trip, but while i am away, i have some great recipes // gear // awesome-ness i will be sharing! 

last month, i signed up for my first ever duathlon!
i am one of those 'i dont always push myself as hard as i could' type of people.
sure, i bike. and i eat well. and i take care of myself. i run 5ks. 
but i know that i am capable of pushing myself harder & going out of my comfort zone!
so, because of that, i wanted to prove to myself that i can do it.
my duathlon is 3.5 miles of running, a 26 mile bike ride & finishes with another 3.5 mile run.
as of right now, i have 12 weeks until my race.
each week, i am going to share my training plan, how things are going & foods // gear that are helping me get through.

so, here we go!
week 1 //
since we are leaving for vacation this week, i had to change up my plan a bit. we will be hiking & spending a lot of time exploring new towns & hanging out in state parks, so i added a bit more running // hiking to my plan. once we get back, i will jump back into my strength training, cross training & brick workouts.

this weekend, i bought my racing bike. i have been riding a steel-framed, commuter bike for about 4 years now. its steady, sturdy & a great bike ; but its too heavy to use in a race.
i have had a couple rides so far & i am not in love with my new bike. it rides & feels WAY different than my old bike, so im hoping that i will fall in love with it & everything will fall into place.. looks sharp though, right?!

monday [yesterday] : 60 min bike ride + 20 min HIIT workout [i am loving turbokick right now]
tuesday : 40 min run [10 min easy + 4x3 min hard w/90 sec recovery + 10 min cool down] + 15min workout [either HIIT or zumba]
wednesday : i dont have to work today, but we wont leave until later in the afternoon // 2 hour bike ride. 60 min steady pace + 60 min interval ride [15 min warm up + 2x8 min hard + 2min recovery + 15 min cool down]
thursday : hiking + 50 push ups 
friday : 30 min run + body weight exercises in the tent // campground
saturday : tonight we are staying with my dad ; so i will do a 40 min kickboxing dvd at his place 
sunday : hiking + body weight exercises in the camping area 

what fun plans do YOU have this weekend?