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Thursday, July 25, 2013

{travelpantz} // how to make banana s'mores on the campfire!

lets make banana s'mores!
when we were getting ready for our camping trip, we filled 3 bags FULL of food for snacking & cooking over the fire!
we had bananas, chocolate, coconut-roasted vegan marshmallows and coconut ; OF COURSE we had to put them together!
[if you are doing this over a campfire or on the grill, you will also need aluminum foil][if you are doing this at home, put them in the microwave just long enough so your chocolate & mallows melt][microwave = NO aluminum foil!!]

1) split your banana down the middle, do NOT cut through the other side // 2) load up your banana with your favorite toppings [we used chocolate, mallows and coconut] // 3) wrap your creation in tinfoil and place on the grate of the grill or fire // 4) continue grilling until your banana is warm & your chocolate has melted ; ours went for 8-10 min // 5) offer your dog a piece without chocolate [daphne will do anything for vegan marshmallows!]

enjoy! these are what summer is all about ;)