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Monday, July 29, 2013

8 weeks until my duathlon // this weeks training plan

happy monday!
i hope you had a great weekend!
in EIGHT weeks i will be toeing the line for the race.
blake asked me the other day if i was nervous & i guess i havent really thought about it.
but i am now ; thanks blake..

last week, i ran a 5k [more on that later this week], got in a couple long rides, ate some really great food [also, more later this week!], did my longest run to date [70 minutes!] & did my brick workout! 
this week sounds a bit easier ; my workouts are shorter, but there are TWO brick workouts!

week 5 //
monday : rest day + 50 push ups
tuesday : run 35 minutes [10min warm up + 20min tempo + 5min easy]
wednesday : bike 60 minutes [30min easy + 5min tempo + 5min aerobic [[repeat combo 4x]] + 10min aerobic cool down]
thursday : run // bike brick [15min run + 45min bike]
friday : 60 min hot yoga OR 45 min cross training [insanity or kickboxing]
saturday : run 35 min [steady pace]
sunday : bike // run brick [60min bike + 10min hard run]

want to catch up on my training weeks?
see you tomorrow!!