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Monday, August 26, 2013

4 weeks til my duathlon // THE HARDEST TRAINING WEEK SO FAR

oh my goodness ; gimme all your good vibes!
the race is in 3 weeks {whaaaa?!}
i have a lot on my plate right now & my goal for this week is to take all of my stress & use it to fuel my training. just to keep pushing & keep moving forward.

i weighed myself this morning {not a huge fan // believer in tracking progress by the scale} and since i started my training, i am down about 6 pounds. i am under 150lbs for the first time in YEARS ; thats pretty cool. i havent been nailing all of my training workouts, but when i go, i have been going hard.

my other big goal for this week {aside from actually getting them done} is to really work on fueling. on race day, i think i will eat something small & drink something before i start. i plan on RIDING with my hydration pack, so ill add some liquid electrolytes to my pack and sip & ride. then {depending on how i feel} i will pop a few chews before i start the last leg of the race.
any hydration // fueling tips are welcome!

three weeks to go //
monday : rest day // bike to work&back
tuesday : run 35min // bike to work&back
wednesday : run // bike brick {15min run + 80min bike} {either drive to work or end my brick there}
thursday : run 45min // bike to work&back
friday : bike 90min {either drive to work or end my ride there}
saturday : cross train 20min {EASY!} this will probably be a walk with daphne or some light yoga // stretching
sunday : THIS IS THE BIG ONE! my first ever run // bike // run brick!! {10min run + 70min bike + 15min run}

 here we go!
wish me luck!