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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a guide to minneapolis // part 2 : places to EAT

hey everybody!
last week, i posted a lit of 10 awesome things to DO when you are in minneapolis. you can see that here.
the healthy living summit is in a couple weeks {woo hoo!}, so today i have a list of awesome restaurants and cafes to add to your list!
{ps : there are a billion places to eat here in minneapolis ; many of them are really great. i obviously cant list them all.} all of the places on my list, i have been to myself OR had good friends enjoy the food. also, i believe the best way to see & support a city is to put money into small, independent businesses.

1) galactic pizza! 
there are tons of great pizza places in the cities, but galactic is by my the most underrated in town! they have vegan, veg & meat options. and sell delish vegan cheesecake from muddy paws. they are located in uptown ; so its an easy bus // bike ride from downtown.
bonus : they are super green // eco! they deliver in electric cars, you get 3d glasses to read the menu AND all of their delivery guys dress up as super heros.
also, if you go : the vegan paul bunyan is my favorite pizza on the PLANET!

2) foxy falafel food truck
so good! tons of food options & erica {the owner} is awesome. if you are in st paul, you can check out the space, BUT her food truck is on nicollet mall {steps from the hotel} during the week.

3) glam doll donuts!
do it! they are delish. tons of flavors. open super late. awesome shop & decor.
{image from their website}

4) midtown global market
the global market is an huge building with over 50 shops // vendors // places to eat. everything from american to thai to african food. lots of awesome desserts, take-home foods {figs, grains, ect} & eat-right-now foods. all in one building.
the market is located a few miles from downtown. its right off the midtown greenway {a 5.5 mile bike highway ; no cars allowed!} ; so its super easy to get to!
bonus : the uptown & midtown areas of the cities are a 15min bike ride apart!!}

5) tao natural foods
if you are heading to the spoon & the cherry {or going into uptown} ; you are already on your way to this shop. they serve vegan, gf, vegetarian, macro foods & have a great juice bar. they also sell herbs, supplements & food. if living a super green // natural life is your scene, check this place out!
photo taken from their website

if you like good beer, tasty {ethical & local} bar food AND a good game of bowling ; BLB is a great spot. reserve a lane or pick a table. the location is great {its in uptown ; off of bryant and lake street ;)} AND its *right* off the midtown greenway.
{i am telling you, you can bike most places in this city!!}

7) wise acre eatery
this place is really great. mostly meat & dairy, but the staff is pretty great at working with different diets. their website is super straightforward and they are huge into the 'farm-to-table' movement.
their location isnt SUPER bus // bike friendly, BUT if you are interested, let me know & we can figure out how to get you there.
bonus : they have air plants COVERING their walls & its so beautiful!

8) pat's tap
super-extensive beer and wine list, lots and lots of locally sourced foods. and SKEE-BALL!
its got a gastro-pub feel ; great place to hang out with some new friends ;)
and hello, SKEE-BALL! where else can you do that?!?

9) ecopolitan
organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free! they serve juice, smoothies & coconut water drinks PLUS a really great menu FULL of healthy foods. also, the space is a beautiful victorian house FULL of health // wellness resources!
its located in uptown ; a few miles from downtown.

10) mickeys dining car
an icon in the twin cities ; mickeys dining car has been in more movies that most celebs. {my fave? this is where charlie conways mom worked in mighty ducks}
the car is small & doesnt seat a ton of people. they serve up 'greasy spoon' food & their milkshakes are delish. the kitsch and nostalgia of the dining car makes for a fun trip.
ps : the dining car is located near downtown st paul. there IS another mickeys diner, but its 'more cafe, less tin dining car'

tons of great outside seating, located in a great area AND they have some of the best vegan cake in the city! 

you might notice that NONE of these places are right downtown. i kinda did that on purpose. of course, there are great places to eat downtown {the FOOD TRUCKS!!} ; but this city is SO incredible and if you are visiting, i would LOVE to have you venture into different parts and neighborhoods and see what we have to offer!

what did i leave off the list? 
tell me your favorite place to eat in minneapolis!