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Monday, August 19, 2013

5 {FIVE!!!} weeks til my duathlon // this weeks training plan

a couple weeks ago, i was talking to a random stranger about multi-sport races and he said that where you are performance-wise two weeks from the race is where you will be around race day. he said that you wont be able to improve performance too much within those last two weeks.
i have no idea if this is true or not ; but right this second, i do NOT feel ready for this race.
ive taken more than my share of rest days and havent been interval training the way i should.
i want to get to the starting line & enjoy myself. i want to have confidence and know that i am able to race hard.
my motivation for this week is to train like i only have two weeks left.

week 9 : 
monday : 60min hot yoga + 15min HIIT workout {8mile bike to work&back}
tuesday : 40min run {10min warm up + 20min tempo + 10min easy} // {bike to work&back}
wednesday : run/bike brick {10min run + 80min bike} // will either drive to work OR end my brick at work & bike home at the end of the day
thursday : 40min run {bike to work&back}
friday : 60min hot yoga + 20min HIIT {bike to work&back + yoga&back}
saturday : bike/run brick {60min ride + 20min run} {both the run & the bike are full effort ; tempo & aerobic pace}
sunday : 30min run {nice and slow} // {bike to work&back}
have you ever trained for a multi-sport race before?
i would love some advice.