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Friday, August 16, 2013

15 things you should be reading // awesome links from around the internet!

lets celebrate with some rad reading material!!

1) give this video 4:30 minutes of your time! a beautiful video about kindness and stray dogs!
2) last month at a drive-thru, 55 people paid for the person behind them. hooray for being nice!
3) NPR always has such awesome articles : how to better protect farmworkers from pesticides. *note* if you are considering switching to buying ALL organic, think about the conventional farm workers that are picking the food and being exposed to chemicals. exposed farm workers is the #1 reason we only eat organic!
4) maybe you have seen this already? but if not : how to have a bikini body in 2 steps
5) my friend karen used her crochet skills to make *the* most beautiful dream catcher i have ever seen!
6) love reading? here are 26 really awesome bookmarks
7) not sure what to do with beets? {me either!} here is a recipe for beet burgers {YUM!}
8) this might be the best {and most straightforward} guide to being on a bike i have seen yet. dont bike like a dickweed! {if you ever ride ; full time, just to the library, ect ; i suggest you read it!}
9) do you know 'the vegan stoner?' its one of my favorite food blogs. they have written a cookbook {yay!}and you can pre-order it here.
10) get ready to laugh your pants off! 26 disturbing cakes that should burn in hell. i was in tears!
11) i know its early ; but are you looking to purchase your holiday cards? these cards are 30% AND they are plantable! you can pass along the joy, plant them in the ground and grow flowers!!
12) sign me up! this man built a library to pull behind his bike! awesome story!!
13) you know all those 'before' and 'after' photos you see on infomercials? {like insanity & p90x}// the truth about transformation photos
14) still have lots of summer fruits and veggies left over? 10 ways to preserve your summer bounty
15) looking for your good deed of the day?! this animal shelter recently found out that a few of their pups have distemper {which almost always means automatic death, if not treated!} the shelter closed its door and is testing each and every dog. the tests and vaccines are super expensive {it will cost over $4,000 just to test!} once the dogs are cleared from the tests, they will be fostered out until they find families. if you have $5 to donate OR are looking to foster a dog, go here.
*bonus* this little boy saved his chore money AND his birthday money and bought a bulletproof vest for a police dog. so sweet!

have an awesome weekend!