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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

august goals

lets talk about goals!
{ps : i know i am a few days behind ; but goals are goals}

in august i want to :  
1) volunteer 1-3 times 
2) attend 3 hot yoga classes
3) nail my training plan for the month ; become more comfortable completing my brick workouts
4) sign up for a 5k & run a sub 31-min race {this one is a maybe}
5) finish my presentation for healthy living summit
6) reach out to 3-5 friends & make an effort to connect [i am so bad at this!]
7) read 2-3 books
8) FIND A JOB! [seriously ; im getting a bit nervous]
9) start daphne on her road to 'therapy dog certification' ; step 2 : basic obedience class [step 1 was hiring a private trainer][and the obedience class is required before we can continue]
10) plan a week-long trip with my dad
11) do cool things with blake [science museum, mini golf, new places to eat, take a mystery murder 
tour on the streetcar, canoe, bike, ect]
12) track my food! i havent been great about it, but i would love to keep the scale moving a bit more! 

id LOVE to hear your goals!