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Monday, August 5, 2013

7 weeks til my duathlon // this weeks training plan

less than two months!

can i be honest for a second?
{of course i can ; its my blog ;)}
not one workout. i biked to work & back 4 days [32 miles] ; but that was it.
no running. no yoga. no biking. NOTHING.

in the beginning of the week, i chalked it up to being tired & maybe a bit lazy ; but as the week went on ; i started thinking that my body was really, really exhausted.
{that can happen, right?}
we have new neighbors both above & next to us. i am out of a job in 5 weeks {and have nothing lined up!}. i have my speech for healthy living summit due in 4 weeks. we are trying a new training technique with daphne that is taking a ton of energy. and i am trying to figure out the right calorie // energy ratio to function.
is it fair to think that these things are causing me a bit of exhaustion?
maybe it sounds overdramatic?
either way ; my body has felt really tired.
so, i took a break & listened to my body.

but, now its monday & i am ready to work hard!
week 7 //
one of my goals this week is to get most {all?} of my workouts in BEFORE i leave for work!
monday : 20min turbofire HIIT workout
tuesday : 40min run {second half is faster paced that the first}
wednesday : run // bike brick {run 10min + 70min bike} {{bike = 30min steady ride + 5min tempo + 5min hard // repeat 4x + 10min cool down}
thursday : 40min run
friday : 45min cross training OR 60min hot yoga class
saturday : 40min run
sunday : bike // run brick {60min bike + 15min run}

also, i made a deal with myself ; that if i nail my training this week, i will head over to my favorite donut shop ;)

are you training for anything right now? or have you in the past? did you ever hit a point in your training that you honestly, just ran out of gas?
id love to hear that im not alone ;)

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