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Friday, September 20, 2013

15 awesome links from around the internet // but seriously, you should be reading these things!

that means that tomorrow is saturday.
and that means that its my race day!
i feel like i am in a pretty great head-space ; not sure how my body will feel ; but i am ready to go!
i will be sure to recap everything next week!

lets talk about awesome links // recipes // products // articles from around the internet!
i use to do these all the time ; but havent posted one for a few weeks.
they really are one of my favorite posts to write!

things you should be reading //
1) do you have any unopened bars of soap at home? {either full-size or from a hotel} you can donate them here & help save a childs life!
2) ready for fall baking? how about coffee cake bread?!
3) you know i love random acts of kindness // 7 ways to make someone elses day
4) biking is contagious!!! i believe that humans are 'bike curious' ; the comments are great, too!
5) 8 foods you should NOT keep in the fridge! {i am certainly guilty of a few of these!}
6) i love a good list : here are 15 books to put on your must-read list
7) women bikers! REJOICE! right now, there is a kickstarter campaign to create these super cute {and awesome} underwear with padding! no more looking like youre wearing a soggy diaper!! the campaign ends in a few days, so if you are interested, head here!

8) fellow twin cities blogger, missy wrote this really powerful post about the food we purchase, consume & feed our children and why it really does matter. bonus : the comments are really great! for me personally, i am a huge believer in always shopping small, local & organic! that includes clothes, body care products, items for daphne and more! {i could talk about this issue for hours!}
9) locally grown clothing company has so many cute shirts ; men, women AND baby! all shirts are printed in iowa & all shirts are made in the us!

10) maybe i have posted this before ; but its always good to go back to : 99 ways to increase your blog traffic
11) got a dog? here are 33 dog toys you can make with things you already have laying around!
12) the fitspo movement really drives me bonkers {you know ; the photos that bash body image while showing extremely tiny women...} // here are 6 fitspo images and lots of reason to get upset!
13) i know that school is already back in session ; but here is a really huge list of all 'school supply'-related products that are made in the US
14) yay! this print is from help ink ; for each $5 you spend, they donate $1 to charity. i have a few things from them & they are great!

15) i celebrated my 100th act of kindness with a super-awesome flash mob! here