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Thursday, September 19, 2013

my recap from the healthy living summit // #HLS13

youve probably already seen a billion recaps from last weekends healthy living summit ; but let me add one more... ;)

it was held in minneapolis this year ; which is awesome! i have so much pride for this city. so many awesome things to do & experience! 
some folks starting flying in on thursday {the actual conference started on saturday} ; so there were 'fit mingles' scheduled from thursday-sunday. {a fit mingle is like happy hour ; but with less drinks & more action}

early thursday morning, i drove outside of town to put together 60 bouquets of flowers for my mingle on friday morning.
came back to the city, biked downtown & caught the twins game with becki & tara.

after the game, we walked around a bit & then becki and i grabbed a delish hummus plate at the hilton.

we then met up with a bunch of girls, walked for a bit & all grabbed frozen yogurt.
{to be totally honest : i was a little bit apprehensive about meeting all these women ; sometimes girls are catty and mean & i dont like it.}
i can honestly say that i never felt that way this weekend. ever. {and thats pretty cool}

after the fit mingle, i biked back home. {i decided not to stay in the hotel. too many people & i really am one of those people that needs a quiet space to recharge}
i did head to pats tap with kelly & ashleigh! we chatted for a couple hours, ate some good food and played a couple games of skee-ball! 

friday morning, jasmine came into town at 6am {she stayed with me} and i got ready to head downtown to start my fit mingle.
my 60 bouquets of flowers and i boarded the bus & road downtown.
{you can read a full recap of my 100th act of kindness // my fit mingle here}

friday afternoon, michelle came into town {she stayed with me, too} & she caught lunch with the rest of our 'fit mingle' crew.
i came back home around 430pm and was completely wiped out. exhausted! 
friday night was the cocktail party at the guthrie ; but jasmine and i hung out at home & chatted for hours. {michelle went to the party!}

saturday morning, we all headed downtown for the start of the conference. {the girls drove & i biked}. we had a huge breakfast provided by our sponsors & i made some new friends.
my presentation happened at 1030am & it was called 'go ride a bike! a simple guide to bike commuting'
 you can read the live blog here & see all the tweets here.
it was actually a lot of fun! i felt really great & super motivated talking about something i love so much.

there were a few more sessions throughout the day, plus lunch and a snack {also provided by our sponsors}. other folks took a ton of photos with our sponsors ; i didnt. i was just so caught up in the day ; meeting folks and being inspired that most things 'blurred' past me! 

the conference ended at 5pm, but there were a few more activities happening. i had planned on staying, but it started to rain ; so i decided to bike home before i got drenched. wrong. soaked
michelle, jasmine & i hung out, decompressed & chatted for a few hours. we headed to the lowbrow for burgers {i had chips & salsa after a full day of eating a billion different things}.

sunday morning, michelle headed out. and blake & i took jasmine to the local farmers market. i was SO pooped all day ; so i just lounged around and took it easy. got in a brick, took a bath & went to bed.

the announcement was made that next years conference will be in madison {whoop whoop for the midwest!} if you are interested in health // wellness // making amazing connections ; i highly recommend next years conference.

super awesome bonus : mindy, kristen & kelly have ALL started 'a year of ___ nice' projects for their areas!! more on all that later ; but we are changing the planet with kindness!! 

if you are interested in reading recaps from other bloggers ; head here to check them out! 
tell me : have you been to a conference like this before? would you be interested in attending?