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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{FITNESS} that time i did something kinda crazy!

you guys! 
i havent posted over here since my duathlon {in october!} i have been so focused on my kindness blog & my new business, that this part of my life has kind of fallen down on the list.
in the past few days, i have really been wanting to come back, re-invent this blog & make it something that i love again.

one of my 2014 goals is to complete 12 fun runs // rides // races // events. i have registered for 2 and have a few more on my radar. {i dont belong to a gym and its been too cold // icy to get my road bike out} i cant really sign up for spring races until we can better gauge what our weather is going to be like..

when i first started this blog, it was for scrapbooking. and then for random musings {because nobody was reading, so i didnt need a filter}, and then crafting // creativity and most recently, it evolved into a vegan lifestyle blog. 
i would really love to focus more on fitness, good food, wellness, racing, ect ; i think that is where i am going next. and the truth is, i have been so consumed with my new business {which i LOVE}, that staying in super-shape hasnt been a top priority. im not biking or running {its been cold here, man!}, but am walking the dog 2-3 hours a day and getting in a workout video each evening before bed.
i havent gained any weight and my eating habits haven't gone out the window, but i am not taking care of myself the way i use to.
and staying accountable on this blog was a huge part of that. 
so, i am bringing the blog back.

this fall, i took some beginner swimming lessons through community ed. i am pretty afraid of the water and dont really know how to swim. its always been a fear that stresses me out. i am an adult, i should be able to get in the water.. i took 6 weeks of lessons, so i could learn some basic fundamentals. ill take more lessons in the future, feel safe in the water, and someday, complete a triathlon!

i have always thought that completing a tri would be awesome! i loved my duathlon last fall & plan do to a few more this year. i am strong on a bike, strong enough as a runner {i can always improve}, but being in open water has always held me back.

so, {here it comes}
yesterday, i signed up for 7 weeks {3x a week} of open swim at our local high school. that should give me time to feel safe in the deep end, work on strokes and get my breathing down.
i felt so empowered by my choice to leave fear behind, that i signed up for a sprint triathlon this morning!

you guys! that is huge! 
having something that takes practice on my radar, is so good for me. i can create a training plan & have a tangible reason to track my progress and continue to grow.
i am too old to let fear defeat me and my goals!

the race : 
you can see all the details here.
{its at the end of july, near minneapolis & its a 1/4mi swim, 22mi bike & 3.1mi run}
i am really excited. i can do it. i know i can. there might be days taht i get discouraged or feel overwhelmed, but i can do it. i can bike 22 miles. i can run 3 miles. i can learn how to swim ; how to move my body in water, how to believe in myself and call myself a SWIMMER. i totally can!

have you done a triathlon before? are you a strong swimmer?
what tips, tricks and resources do you have for me?