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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{FITNESS} the workout videos that are keeping me warm during the polar vortex

hi everybody!
its cold here, again! {where you are, too?}
i think the wind chill is back down to -15* & the low for tomorrow is -20*!
mornings // days like these are just too cold for me to run outside. the sidewalks are icy & its really just not enjoyable. daphne & i are only walking 15-20 minutes at a time, a few times a day. {its a long stretch from the usual 2 1/2-3 hours she gets a day...}

the pool opens next week {through community ed}, so i will start my 12-week 'learn to swim plan' before i tackle my 'learn to finish a triathlon plan' in march // april. i am excited to get in the pool {its only open 3 days a week}, learn some technique and gauge my progress.
on the triathlon front : i have been a bike commuter for 4+ years now ; last summer was when i first upgraded to a road bike & worked more on speed ; but overall, biking is pretty easy for me. i have done hilly rides, a 500-mile ride across iowa, bike tours, ect. i love biking. anybody that knows me, knows that biking is kind of my 'bread & butter.' running is the same ; i have done many 5ks, a 10k & a half. i am not a strong runner at all & its not my favorite thing to do, but its not a 'new skill' of mine.
swimming on the other hand ; NO CLUE! i have super scary memories from being in pools when i was a kid. i have really been afraid of the water for most of my life. i am so excited {and hopeful} to work on my skills in the pool & to get better. i recently wrote out my training plan for the triathlon & im so pumped to crush fears & learn to swim!

other than my open swim pass the high school {at the end of our block}, i dont belong to a gym. its not something i want to deal with financially, at this moment. i want to put all my money either into my business, a retirement fund or to pay off my car.

so, how do you stay fit // healthy // in shape when you are working a million hours a day {*raising my hand*} and its COLD out?!
when i first started working out {in college}, i used workout dvds {i still have a few of them!} i love them. they are easy, you dont have to leave home & you dont even need to put pants on ;)

here are a few that i have been loving lately : 
1) anything from ellen barrett! i wish we were friends! her style & fitness philosophy is great. i never leave her workouts dripping in sweat, but i always feel stronger, lighter and 'better.' i think that humans have started to believe that its not a good workout unless you are thisclose to barfing & i disagree {i will not go on a tangent about this, but i could...}
most of her videos have a 'fusion' feel ; she mixes light weights, cardio, dance, yoga & pilates elements into the workouts. not a lot of crazy jumping jacks or moves that make you want to puke..
blake bought me online access to 13 of her videos for a year ; and i have been doing them almost every day. you can check out prices // videos // other options here.

2) jessica smith! all of her videos {there are TONS!} are offered for free online & you can purchase a few hard copies, too. she has everything from 15-min HIIT workouts to hour long full-body workouts. step classes, no weights, yoga, EVERYTHING! also, i think shes awesome! check out her site here.

3) i also have this huge collection! when i do a video, i move it to the back & then the next day, i pick whatever video is in the front. i love a good turbofire workout & doing a strength workout from p90x always leaves me feeling like jelly.

if you like dancing, the zumba collection is good {a little more traditional than most classes at the gym} & dancing with the stars makes a few good videos. the ones i have here & here}

also, if you are on a budget or dont want to spend tons of money, the library, ebay, craigslist & amazon are always great 'free // not full-price' options. our library has a HUGE catalog of workout dvds that you can keep for 1-4 weeks at a time. also, i found a few really great workout videos at our local thrift store for $2 each. 

tell us : what videos are YOUR favorite?