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Thursday, February 6, 2014

{LINKS FROM THE WEB} awesome things you should be reading!

its thursday, folks! 
back when this was my 'main' blog {pre- year of mn nice & be nice box} ; each friday, i would post links from around the web.
on my kindness blog, i do a 'kindness carousel' each week, which showcases stories of people being awesome, giving off good vibes, ect. 

i am bringing back the {friday links} segment on my blog {but will be posting on thursdays this month..} ; because its really one of my favorites.
so many awesome articles // new content comes from other bloggers // authors, ect. i really love using blogging // social media as a platform to share awesome things from others.
all of the links below are focused on healthy living, fitness, food, working 'smarter, not harder' and running your own biz.

lets go! 
awesome things you should be reading : 
1) always a great reminder : 4 ways to engage with your blogging community

3) yes! 20 things to do when business is slow! when you run your own business, you are never completely 'caught up.' 

4) i love checking the 'what we are reading' page from the hennepin county library {minneapolis} // you dont need to sign in to check out the page & there are always a ton of great books i can add to my 'must read' list

5) YES! i know that there arent a ton of bikes on the road this time of year, but this is such a great article to bookmark & reference once it gets warmer // how to drive around a cyclist
{sadly, a 26-year old biker was just killed this week by a drunk driver, here in minneapolis. it is so, so important to be aware of your surroundings when you are driving a massive vehicle}

6) because its SO important to know where your food comes from : 13 brands you didnt know were owned by mega-corporations

7) regardless of if you blog for fun, for money, run your own business or just love social media, here is a list of 100 ways to build community in 2014

8) and another great resource : 6 simple habits that can save you HOURS

9) kyla has another great list of 5 things to do now to create an awesome life! 
{can you tell that i am trying to learn all i can about how to run an effective business that i love?}

what do you think? anything awesome you have been reading?
do you do a link roundup on your blog? send me the link!