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Friday, February 7, 2014

{FRIDAY RECAP} my week in review // swimmers ear, dogs in furry hats & free fitness classes #mnbchallenge

friday! friday! friday!
last week i mentioned that i was participating in the move. nourish. believe challenge, hosted by fit approach & lorna jane.
you can still join in {but you aren't eligible for the $1,000 shopping spree}
each friday this month, they are encouraging participants to recap their week on their blogs.
its a good reminder for me to take a minute and see where i am & what i want to accomplish next week {and throughout the month}

this week was for :

cold weather, you guys! seriously, i know that its been a bit of a rough winter everywhere, but it has been cold here. i think we have hit below zero almost {all?} every day in 2014.. {and we are talking -15 to -45* wind chills}

swimming! i hit the pool twice this week {open swim is 3x a week & they were closed one of the days}. the first night i worked on making it to the deep end and back a couple of times, but still didn't feel awesome. last night, on the other hand, was a totally different story! i wore goggles and actually SWAM with my eyes open under water! first time in my life! {earlier this week i opened my eyes, but this i was actually moving with my eyes open!} i gave my arms a rest & used the kick board for 35 minutes! i practiced keeping my hips up, turning my head side-to-side and worked really hard on my breathing. the last half of my session, i was really putting the pieces together. i left the pool feeling super strong and accomplished!

swimmers ear, the bird flu or a ruptured ear drum : yeah, something like this is happening! i have been to the pool three times in the past 7 days & the day after each, i have been having some serious pain. nasty headaches, a weird feeling in my throat and sensitivity on my scalp. also, really icky ear pain. now that it is happening consistently, i am chalking it up to inner ear infection // swimmers ear. heading out today to grab ear drops. {unless any of you have any suggestions..} web md tried to tell me it was the bird flu..

today would have been my grandpas birthday! he was a huge fan of naps & relaxing, so in his honor today, i am going to take a break, curl up with daphne, read a book and maybe fall asleep. {ps : i miss him a ton & want to hug everybody right now}

i started a new book the other night & am on season 4 of parks & recreation {hilarious!}

tonight, i am heading to a new fitness studio for a free class, thanks to fit approach. if you are local and free tonight, check it out here!

i discovered yumbutter this weekend! am i late to the party? i love what they do & their stuff is delish! they run on a 'buy one, feed one' model ; so every jar you purchase, they donate food to kids in haiti & are working to end malnutrition. {blake and i spent time in haiti after the earthquake in 2010 & are planning another trip, hopefully this fall. haiti has a really special place in our hearts.}