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Monday, April 14, 2014

{FITNESS} this weeks fitness plan

last week, spring had sprung! 
people were going out without jackets and there were pasty white legs EVERYWHERE! 
this week? we are back to below-freezing nights and some parts of MN even woke up to SNOW! 

i have felt pretty lazy in my life, lately. 
i find that when i am feeling really overwhelmed in my life, i shut down. my to-do list keeps getting longer, i continue getting more and more stressed, so i check out 15 books from the library and just want to lay in bed and mope.
ps : my helmet is unbuckled cuz i was stopped and OFF my bike! always buckle your helmet ;) 

i am aware of how i handle stress, so i am trying my best to get ahead of everything.
we leave for vacation next week and i am super pumped about that! 

my fitness // training plan for this week :
monday : open swim {20-30min} // quick bike ride
tuesday : open swim {trying to beat my distance from monday}
wednesday : open swim {30 min} // bike ride
thursday : BIKE SOCIAL {each thursday this month, random humans get together and do a 'social ride' ; last week, it was 2 hours and we biked to get cheesecake!}
friday : hot yoga or kickboxing dvd
saturday : tour de breweries {if you are local, here is the link!} // also, a 2+ hour hard ride
sunday : we leave for vacation!! we will take daphne for a long stroll before we leave {and i will cry, because we have never left her before!!} 

heres to a fit week!