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Monday, March 31, 2014

{FITNESS} big events & this weeks fitness plan

last week, i spent a couple hours creating a new fitness plan // workout schedule.
i am pretty old school in the sense that i like to hand draw the calendar & then i mark all the completed days with stars or stickers. 
you can surround me with technology, but there is still nothing better than a hand-written list ;) 

in january, blake & i committed to a triathlon ; its at the end of july & the swim is the only part i am really nervous about. its a sprint tri, so its a 500 yard swim, 30-ish {i dont know the exact distance} mile bike ride & a 5k.

in early june, my friend tiff & i are going to be riding in the MS150! the race starts in duluth, mn {about 150 miles away} & you bike back to the cities! we have ten weeks {from yesterday} to train to ride 75 miles, two days in a row. 

AND, blake & i decided to do the first 100 miles of RAGBRAI this year. a couple years ago, we did the entire thing {its a 500-mile annual bike ride across the state of iowa. it always starts on the west side and always ends on the east side ; but running a new route each year.}
this year, the first two days are going through where my family lives, so we decided to do the first two days. {four days after the ride, we do the tri!}

the temp is {almost always} above freezing now, so the trails are dry & its time to get back on my bike.
we went for an easy 30-mile ride yesterday after i was done with work and OH MY GOSH, it felt amazing!

i cant say enough how incredible i feel on the bike! 
bonus : 30 days of biking starts TOMORROW! its an annual challenge encouraging others to get on their bike every single day in the month of april. you can take long rides or ride in a circle in your garage ; just something to pedal each day.
i have taken the challenge for the last few years & have never hit all 30 days. heres hoping... 
you can sign up here.

this weeks training plan : 
sunday {yesterday} : BIKE // long ride {2+ hours}
monday : BIKE 60-120min {its raining right now & will change to snow later ; mittens and raincoats today ;)}
tuesday : STRENGTH // 30min dvd {either 30 day shred or turbokick}
wednesday : OFF // {small ride for 30 days of biking}
thursday : BIKE // 60-120min
friday : HOT YOGA
saturday : STRENGTH // 30min dvd {30 day shred or turbokick} 

share with us : anything you are training for right now?