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Monday, April 21, 2014

{FITNESS} this weeks {vacation} training plan

we flew to florida yesterday!
we have a billion {rad} things on our agenda, so i don't want to give too much away until i can recap everything!

i have my heart rate monitor along & will be using the pact app to track my fitness minutes.
its times like these, i kinda wish i had a pedometer to track steps!

sunday {yesterday} : travel day! we took a long stroll with daphne in the morning before we headed to the airport! {can i write a post about the ridiculous love i feel for my animal? daphne has never been without us, EVER! every single night for the past 18 months, she has been with us. at first, i was SO worried about how she would handle us being gone, but now i see that i am the one thats a mess ;)}

monday : we are planning to hike a nature preserve during the day ; and possibly a free zumba class at night

tuesday : DISNEY all day ; tons and tons {and tons} of walking!

wednesday : HARRY POTTER {you guys, you have NO IDEA how stupid-pumped i am for this! i remember being in college, hanging out with my friend karen, talking about the park, the day they announced it was going to be built. i have no doubt that i will start bawling when we get there, and probably a few more times throughout the day. i have read the entire series 9-10 times and am so incredibly in love with the series. i could go on for hours ; but i suppose i sound a bit obsessed...}

thursday : biking ALL day! we brought our helmets and have our route {mostly} planned out. i have no idea what the heat will feel like, but we would love to get 50-70 miles in. we also have plans for a biking happy hour at a local shop, checking out the local food scene & buying vegan cupcakes!

friday : most of today will be spent in the car. we have 4 huge things we want to do ; some walking, but mostly driving, hanging and checking out local things!

saturday : travel day! we leave in the morning & should be home by mid-afternoon. my goal is to get a small bike ride in, just to get my legs moving, but we will see.

also, if we have time, i heard there is a huge new balance outlet store i would LOVE to check out! they are one of the only 'mainstream' fitness brands who still manufacture some of their items in the US! i don't need anything fitness-related right now, but if we have time, i would love to check out their inventory for my summer // fall races!