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Friday, April 18, 2014

{FRIDAY LINKS} 10 rad things you should be reading

happy friday, you guys!
we leave for vacation in 2 days, my to-do list is getting longer by the minute and *fingers crossed* that we are officially SELLING our car today!
as it all progresses, i will be sharing what it looks like to be car-free in a city where snow is on the ground over half of the year. but for right now, know that i am SO pumped!

here are 10 awesome links from around the web!
1) more proof that i am meant to live in europe! paris bans cars & makes public transit free! 

2) scary! less than a third of people have more than $1,000 set aside in savings! 

3) what 23 of the most beautiful places in the world *really* look like! this is amazing! i have been to quite a few of these places. {i actually used the bathroom inside that mcdonalds across the street from the Pantheon!}

4) are you in the twin cities? mark your calendars for one of the coolest parties of the year! 

5) what the girls that founded Birchbox did right! And how to learn from the things they did wrong! inspiring article for those of us busting our guts to launch a business!

6) lots of great articles on how to be super-rad at twitter : here, here & here!

7) the weather is warming up, which means BIKES EVERYWHERE! great post by MPR on 7 bike etiquette rules to help avoid crashes! 

8) great post from carla : if at first you don't succeed, QUIT! 

9) 30 days of biking is happening worldwide in april & you can head here to read inspiring stories from people who dig bikes!

10) looking to create a media kit? here is a great tutorial!

i will have posts going up all week while we are gone!
i am SO excited to share recaps of our trip, when we get home.
{blake & i have made a decision to stay off social media while we are gone. we will not be live-tweeting//IG-ing//fb-ing our trip!}