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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{FOOD} My Oatmeal REVIEW

as a fit approach member, there are times when i have opportunities to partner with great companies and share their products. i was recently given the chance to test out different custom oatmeal flavors from all options are my own~ 

i am not a huge 'oatmeal for breakfast' type of a gal. i like to drink my breakfast. each and every morning, i start out with a smoothie.
since i work from home, smoothies are easy. they take a few minutes and i already have everything i need.

my problem 'food time' is lunch. since i am sitting at the computer, getting boxes together and doing a million other things ; i usually notice that i am super hungry around 2pm. {i have been working so hard to create a 'stop and eat' work schedule, but as my only employee, my to-do list often comes first}
and since i am hungry, i end up grazing. maybe an apple and pb here, maybe some homemade nachos there, maybe some butter toast a little while later...

the first thing i thought of when offered this opportunity?

oatmeal is quick, easy and filling. i can switch it up by adding fruit, coconut yogurt, peanut butter, ect.
MyOatmeal allowed us a dollar allotment for their products.
the first thing you will notice when you head to their site is the TON of flavor combos!
you first chose your size {1, 2 or 4-pounds} and then choose your grains {5 choices}.
from there, you pick your flavor {anything from butter rum to cookie dough to egg nog to red velvet cake!}
you can also decide to add dried fruits, nuts, seeds and sweeteners.
as you are creating your oatmeal, there is a 'nutritional tracker' on the sidebar, updating the calories and nutritional content.

i choose a 1-lb bag of organic, GF rolled oats, in chocolate hazelnut and sweetened with brown sugar.

you guys, the chocolate hazelnut tastes like nutella in a bowl! 
so good.
and easy!

i also ordered a 1-lb 'mystery blend.'
its all peanut-y and delicious!

i really love that you can choose organic oats. i DO wish they were a little more affordable, though.
a 1-lb bag of quick rolled instant oats starts at $2.99 and a 1-lb bag of organic oats starts at $5.99.
other bonuses : the 'use by' dates are september AND the bags are resealable!

we leave for vacation next week & bringing along whats left of the bags is a must for us! we will be able to boil water // use a microwave. it will be a great snack in between all the activities we have planned!

are you an 'oatmeal for breakfast' type of gal? 
have you ever tried before?