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Monday, May 19, 2014

{FITNESS} this weeks training plan // 10 weeks from race day!

yikes, you guys! 
last week was not awesome!
i am so stupid-scared of the {fking} water ; and it almost as if i am sabotaging myself..
i really, really want to cross that finish line & become a triathlete. i also am overwhelmed by the open water, the distance, my lack of swimming endurance and the fact that i really am scared of the water.
{ps : when someone is afraid of something, its never awesome to remind them of all the things that could go wrong. i am talking to YOU, random lady at the pool who reminded me of the fact that i could drown & how scary open water is.. not helping!}

anyways, my plan right now is to train for race day.
if i really, honestly don't feel like i can do this race without being a safety risk, then i will sit this one out {and cheer on blake!} and train for another tri in the near future. {maybe an indoor one?}
i have ten weeks! i really should be able to work on my endurance and focus on my breathing enough to finish 500 yards.
blake has told me a billion times {i know he is right!} ; this is all in my head. i can swim. i can float. i can breathe. i can do this.
{typing all of this out actually makes me cry. facing a lifetime-long fear straight in the face is no joke, you guys. a part of me is so proud of myself for trying to kick this & another part of me thinks i am a huge dipshit for trying something i am SO afraid of..}

anyways, the goal is to hit the pool 4 days this week. one down & back lap is 50 yards ; so i would love to start with 200 yards {still not non-stop} tonight and end the week with 300 yards. depending on how that goes, i will build on next week and focus on less rest time.

monday : {i was planning on a 12pm yoga class, but downpours + no car = a later class} 60 min hot yoga + 3 mile bike ride + swim 200 yards
tuesday : AM barre class + swim 250 yards + run 20 min
wednesday : swim 250 yards + bike 20 miles
thursday : swim 300 yards + AM barre class + bike 20 miles
friday : 60 min hot yoga class {this also counts as a rest day} {those 60 min in a 105* room is so incredible for my legs!}
saturday : bike 45 miles
sunday : run 25 min + bike 25 miles

ps: i have gotten a couple emails about overtraining. i just want to note that we are training for a triathlon, a 200 mile bike ride, a 100 mile bike tour & building the foundation for one {two?} fall duathlons. since i work from home, i spend a lot of time in compression socks & 'sitting // resting' ; so 2 hours a day of fitness // sweating is not overtraining!