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Monday, May 12, 2014

{FITNESS} this weeks training plan + 11 weeks til our TRIATHLON

yikes, you guys! 
our triathlon is in 11 weeks! 
i will write more later this week about my progress {or lack thereof} with the swimming ; but i am NOT prepared.
its actually crossed my mind a few times to drop out of the race.
i do still have *almost* three months, so hopefully, i can pull myself {and my fear} together, power through the swim & stay in the race.

this weeks training plan : 
monday : swim 200 yards
tuesday : bike 10-15 miles // swim 200 yards
wednesday : hot yoga // swim 225 yards 
thursday : barre class // bike 10-15 miles // swim 200 yards 
friday : run 30 min
saturday : bike 30-45 miles
sunday : {this is a super long, jam packed day for me} bike 15-20 miles

i know i don't have a rest day on here ;  i am counting today as a rest day. i am not biking, doing yoga or running & i have been wearing compression socks all day.
i will get in the pool this evening ; but still counting today as a 'mostly rest day.'