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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#14 and #93

if you read this, you know that i have a lot of goodness to get done in the next few years..

well, i have two things already crossed off my list.
and once i learn how to [aka : blake gets home from work] i want to put a link in my toolbar just for my 101 [errr 108] things.

number 14 : learn to make quality vegan cupcakes : i made 100+ for our haiti fundraiser last weekend. people liked them... plus, i had one two, and i enjoyed it them.
number 93 : bake a vegan apple pie :
this pie is also for a haiti fundraiser, just not our own. b and i are going to help emily reach her haiti goal this weekend. [this will also count towards #62 [volunteer 101 hours]