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Saturday, June 19, 2010


today is 194/365.
[almost to 200!]

i am thankful for so many things.
for taking a week off of p90x to get back in the mental game [i do feel a little guilty, but]
for baking cookies and bringing them to good people.
i am thankful for the new hipstamatic app on my iphone.
and for riding my bike across town to meet friends.

me and eight of my friends were berry picking today.
it was lovely. the weather. the ride. the convos. the hugging. the picture taking. and the 6+ pounds of strawberries and blueberries i brought home.

i am thankful for the two guys that fixed my car yesterday and only charged me $100 [should have been $242]. they also gave me a free tshirt. [i baked them cookies!]

i am thankful for my dad. he sent blake and i a million dollars worth of morell mushrooms and meat from the meat market [vegan? yes. but i wont pass up meat from schmidts] i support them and their mission of supporting local farmers. they are an old fashioned german meat market. i grew up there. it was my first job. i ate meat last night and i am not sorry!

im re-reading harry potter. and getting ready to create things. i have big plans for my future [well, i have really big ideas]. i like to eat naan for most meals and i am excited to do the next four weeks of p90x.

i feel good. i was feeling rough for a while. im not now. i feel lucky to have good friends. and good family [happy birthday dad!]. i feel like things are clearer than they were. i like that.