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Sunday, June 20, 2010


today is day 195/365.
i took a few really rad pictures today of the burnside bridge being raised, but im too lazy to get up, find the cord and upload the pictures.

today i am thankful for taking deep breathes.
and eating vegan apple pie.
and having my grandma call me.
and for taking a bunch of used to milk to a bunch of transient men under the bridge [we later found out the milk was sour][we felt suuuuuper rotten][i think they appreciated our efforts, though]
i am thankful for bike rides, filling my book bag with library books and putting pajamas on at 5pm to call it a night and lay with blake for a million hours watching bones on netflix.
our internet is laaaaame, so when the show cuts out, i have been reading a book on how to can my own preserves.
if i didnt think it was degrading, i think i would like to wear an apron. and knee length skirts. and grow all my own fruits and vegatables.

and next weekend, i am going to go strawberry picking [again] and bring home 15 pounds. seriously.
annnnnnnd i work three days this week and then only a few more times til we leave.
i want to make a quilt. sew a bunch of fun things. get back to running. and read ten books. and lose 5 pounds.
[we have four more weeks of p90x][come onnnnnnnn]