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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


few days behind.

i am thankful for being done with hard kids for the rest of the summer!
i only work a handful of times before we leave.
sooooo pumped.

i am thankful for finding little lovenotes all over the house from blake.
we saw toy story 3 last night.
super sad.
i bawled. not just sniff sniff cry. like, bawwwwwwling.
scary too. but so good.
i remember being a middle schooler and thinking that toy story was so cool. i played the game on sega. and my sister and i fought over who got to quote which lines. in the 3rd one, andy is grown up and moving to college. its so sad... even animated characters are growing up.

today, blake and i both have a day off. the whole freakin' day.
we ate pancakes and watched an episode of bones. now, we are going to ride 45 miles and pick blueberries and strawberries.
i want to make jaaaaaam..

pictures sooooooon.