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Thursday, June 24, 2010


almost 200.

i took good pictures today!
b and i rode 50 miles yesterday.
and we brought back 11+ pounds of raspberries and strawberries.

today i spent hours canning them.
so far, we have almost 20 half-pints of jelly.
its not setting yet, not completely.
so, heres hoping...

today i am thankful for doing things to save the planet.
and for not biking [my butt almost fell off from biking that much yesterday!]
[even so, i have always wanted to do a century bikeride [[100 miles!!]]

i am thankful for days off.
for good workouts.
for wearing an old tshirt and not feeling like a stuffed sausage..
im thankful for listening to old backstreet boys [millennium!!!!!] and new hanson [seriously, maybe their best album ever][sooooo good]

i slept well last night.
im thankful for that, too.
[i dont sleep well most nights]

im also thankful for a cute man-friend that does the laundry and always kissed me hello.
and goodbye.
and just because.
[hes good to me][that makes me happy][its a good feeling]

pictures tomorrow!