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Saturday, June 26, 2010


day 200/365.
youd think id have something exciting for today..
i dont.

i worked today.
blake didnt.
he cleaned the place.
like, really well..

he also went through and made a [huge] pile for goodwill.

we had a really good supper [israeli cous cous and veggies]
with graham crackers and my homemade raspberry jam on top for dessert.

i took a nice nap. read. did yoga. and have been laying on the ouch for hours watching bones on netflix and making a ridiculous list of all the creative goodness i want to produce in the next three weeks.

all of that above, im thankful for all of it.

and tomorrow, we are biking. and im attempting my first crock-pot meal. and canning [more more more] and doing at least two long workouts. annnnnnd at 2pm, theres a dinosaur egg hunt. [you can bet your ass im going to be there!]