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Monday, June 28, 2010


its been soooooo nice here these past few days.
im loving it.
we have been riding a million miles every day. getting tanned. sore calves. taking pictures. being in love.
[i like that]

today, we went to the sunday parkways.
[every month, a different part of the city shuts down. they close down the streets and pick five parks to hold vendors, music, events and great donuts! today was the north portland parkways. it was a 8 mile loop [plus about 15 miles to get there and back]. it was beautiful today. blake was super sick today, so we ate, rode the train for a bit and he barfed in three different parts of the city.

we came home. napped. ate toast and chocolate chips for supper, watched bones on netflix and skipped p90x.
we leave for haiti in a few weeks and i have million projects i want to start working on.
i took a few really great pictures today. i made great jam and played the powerball [im a loser!][so far...] i need to update my 100/26 things with pictures.

no work tomorrow.

i am thankful for making jam [did i say that yesterday?] the main thing i am thankful for today, is for people with good manners. the parkways is run by volunteers, tons of them. most of them are really fun and silly. they have bubbles, give out freeze-pops and use sidewalk chalk. i thank every volunteer we pass. always. i think they are super important. there are also tons of police guarding the main intersections. we always thank all the cops, too. i am thankful for hearing other people thank the people helping to keep us safe..