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Thursday, October 21, 2010

holy mackrel

Neidecker, where have you been?!?!

Lots going on..
We have been riding.
I've been working a few days a week.
And crafting like mad.
I'm officially in three fairs in the next few weeks, and I will hear about renegade by tomorrow.
(dear renegade, I know I dont have great photos of my paintings up, but know that I soooooo badly want a spot at your fair. I have been thinking of you like crazy. Please give me a chance. Love, diana)

I have a bunch of photos.
Enough for two blogs?

Crafty stuff first.
(oh, and im sewing an advent calendar, just for fun : it's so cool so far)

another new painting : I have 21 paintings that I haven't posted pics of yet. I want to see how they sell first.

pumpkin patch!

farmers market and the most ridiculously huge cinnamon roll in the world.

what my days have been looking like..

we rode to the Foshay tower (dt mpls) cuz we have free tix from the lib. we took tons of great pictures.

Oh yeah, and we went to the walker art center yesterday (where the spoon and cherry is) and I took some of the coolest photos I have ever taken. I want them to have their own blog.

- you should follow my blog. cuz I am pretty neat.