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Sunday, October 24, 2010

well, no renegade.
kinda sad.
it's okay.
(the email said they had 500+ vendors for 150 spots)
I dont feel toooo bad.

carved a bitchin pumpkin last night.
we have seeds up the wazoo.
my grandma is coming up in a few weeks.
(I'm still not use to calling her and hearing my grandpa)
(its been a rough two months, man)

yesterday, we signed up for a co-op membership.
and we are signing up for a winter csa share in a few days.
I did a solo 20 mile ride today. so nice.
and, yet another reason I love Blake : we can spend afternoons apart and it's okay.
I love that.

and (because I am sure you are dying to read about my super exciting universe) I have decided to go back to 100% no animal products (I am still using beeswax chapstick - some people say it's unfair to the bees....) I have realized that I can't eat dairy anymore. Like, at all. My tummy is not a fan. See ya later grilled cheese - I miss you already.

we watched the great pumpkin, charlie brown tonight.

I am thankful for a lot of stuff.
fresh food.
goodnight kisses.
reading cookbooks for fun.
hearing my grandma say that she loves me and she's so proud of me.
seeing my sister this week (seriously Sara,
riding my bike and then coming home and smelling like nature.
listening to Blake practice creole.
and having art on the walls.
oh, and buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter.

Better picture sooon.

new project : make my own catsup.

Annnnnd (goodness, I have a lot to say!) I'm updating my 101 things this week, plus restarting my 26 things photo project. (I can't access those other pages on my phone...)

ok. bye.

you should follow my blog. cuz I am pretty neat.